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All the major texts in this web site are texts or parts of texts written by Carthusians for Carthusians: sermons, novice conferences, pastoral letters from the Reverend Fathers, booklets, and the like. They all have been published before in various forms. They speak of the ideal and of everyday challenges of Carthusian life in the desert.

The webmaster's task has been to pull all this material from different sources, put it together into a hopefully coherent whole, and to link the elements together, in order to present a comprehensive picture of Carthusian life at the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration, in Vermont, USA. Some of the texts were edited, some were translated or retranslated from the French.

All the texts in this site belong to The Carthusian Foundation in America, Inc., or to the Carthusian Order, or to a specific charterhouse © 2007 and various previous dates.

The Webmaster.

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