Guigo's veneration for Bruno

Bruno (~1030-1101) is the founder of the Carthusian Order. Guigo I was its fifth prior (1109-1136) and its legislator, the compiler of the Customs (1121-1128). His love and his admiration for Bruno shines through his writings about Bruno:

"Master Bruno, a man whose piety and science was very famous, a model of integrity, of gravity and of maturity unto all... a man with a very deep heart" —— (tr. from Guigo 1st, Vita sancti Hugonis Gratianopolitani)

"Master Bruno, of German nationality, born in a family of notables of the illustrious city of Cologne, as learned in secular letters as he was in religious studies, a canon in the church of Rheims, which is inferior to none in all of the churches of Gaul, and Master of the schools, he left the world, founded the Hermitage of Chartreuse and governed it for six years. Called to service by Pope Urban II who had been his student, he left for the Roman Curia in order to help the Pope in the government of the Church with his counsel and advice. But since he could not bear the agitation and the mode of life of the Curia, burning in the love of the solitude he had had to leave and of contemplative repose, leaving the Curia and refusing also the Archbishopric of Reggio, to which he had been elected at the Pope's instigation, he retired in a desert called La Torre in Calabria; and there, having gathered a number of lay brothers and some clerics, he practised his vocation of solitary life as long as he lived, then he died and was buried there, about eleven years after he had left the Chartreuse."
—— (tr. from Chronique des premiers Chartreux, ed. by A. Wilmart, in Revue Mabillon, 16 (1926), p. 119.