The Statutes (excerpts)
- Book One ->
- Book Two ->
- Book Three ->
- Book Four ->
- Book Five-Nine ->

Writings of Bruno, Carthusian Founder
- St Bruno's letter to Raoul
- St Bruno's Letter to his brothers in Chartreuse
- St Bruno's Profession of faith

Writings of Guigo, Carthusian Legislator
- Guigo's Praise of Life in Solitude
- The Solitary Life, A letter of Guigo to a friend

A Letter from Pope Pius XI
- Contemplatives in the Heart of the Church (Umbratilem), The solemn teaching of Pope Pius XI on the Apostolic Value of Carthusian life.

A Letter from Pope John-Paul II
- Captivated by Him Who is only Love: Message of Pope John Paul II for the ninth Centenary of Saint Bruno's death.

Carthusian Spirituality by Carthusian authors
- The Prayer of the Presence of God
- The Blessed Trinity and the Supernatural Life
- A Carthusian Speaks
- Carthusian Saints (PDF)
- Carthusian Nuns (PDF)

Selected Carthusian Bibliography ->


On the Carthusians:

- Link to ANALECTA CARTUSIANA, a collection of works on the history and the spirituality of the Carthusian Order ->

- Link to Analecta Cartusiana CONTENTS Site (in french) ->

- The 'Silent' Summer of '44: The Martyrdom of the Carthusians of Farneta (Italy), by Giuseppina Sciasca.(PDF: 1809KB)

- A DOCUMENTARY on the life of the Carthusian monks at the Grande Chartreuse in France: Into Great Silence, a film by Philip Gröning (2005, 162 mn) ->


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