Carthusian Bibliographies

Besides the Booklets published by the monastery, here is a list of useful books on Carthusian spirituality or history:



GUIGO I, The Carthusian Customs, Introduction, Latin text, translation, and notes. Charterhouse of the Transfiguration, 1995.

GUIGO I, Meditations (The meditations of Guigo I, Prior of the Charterhouse). Kalamazoo, Michigan - Spencer, Massachusets, Cistercian Publications, 1995. (Cistercian Studies Series, 155)

GUIGO II, The Ladder of 'onks and Twelve Meditations. Kalamazoo, Michigan, Cistercian Publications, 1981. (Cistercian Studies Series, 48)

A CARTHUSIAN, The Prayer of The Presence of God. Sophia Institute Press, 2005.

A CARTHUSIAN, They Speak By Silences, Gracewing Publishing, 2006.

A CARTHUSIAN, Where Silence Is Praise. London, Darton Longman Todd, 1960.

A CARTHUSIAN, The Prayer of Love and Silence, Gracewing Publishing, 2006.

The Wound of Love: A Carthusian Miscellany by Carthusian Priors ans Novice Masters, Gracewing Publishing, 2006.

Listening to silence: An Anthology of Carthusian Writings, compiled by Robin Bruce Lockhart. London, Darton, Longman and Todd, 1997.

"O Bonitas!" Hushed to Silence, A Selection of Poems by a Carthusian Monk, chosen by Robin Bruce Lockhart, Gracewing Publishing, 2001

LOCKHART, ROBIN BRUCE, Halfway to heaven: The Hidden Life of the Sublime Carthusians. Kalamazoo, Michigan, Cistercian Publications, 2005 (Cistercian Studies Series, 186)

DENIS THE CARTHUSIAN, Spiritual Writings (The Spiritual Writings of Denis the Carthusian, Translated by Ide M. Ni Riain, RSCJ, with an introduction by Terence O'Reilly), Dublin, Ireland: Four Courts Press, 2005, 422 + xx p.

MARTIN, Dennis D. et VAN ENGEN, John, Carthusian Spirituality. The Writings of Hugh of Balma and Guigo de Ponte. Translated and introduced by Dennis D. Martin. Preface by John Van Engen. New York, Paulist Press, The Classics of Western Spirituality, 1997.

MARTIN, Dennis D., Fifteenth-Century Carthusian Reform, The World of Nicholas Kempf. Leiden, The Netherlands: E. J. Brill, Studies in the History of Christian Thought, 1992

WILLIAM OF SAINT THIERRY, The Golden Epistle: A letter to the brethren at Mont Dieu. Kalamazoo, Michigan, Cistercian Publications, 1976. (Cistercian Fathers Series, 12.)

A CARTHUSIAN, The Spirit of Place, Carthusian Reflections. (15 Photos by a Friend of St Hugh’s, Parkminster), Londres, Darton, Longmann & Todd, 1998, 15x21 cm., 119 p.

The published series of the Carthusian Novice Conferences:
The Way of Silent Love, (I), D.L.T. 1993
The Call of Silent Love, (II), D.L.T. 1995
Interior Prayer, (III) D.L.T., 1996
The Freedom of Obedience, (IV) D.L.T., 1998
Poor, Therefore Rich, (V) D.L.T. 1999
From Advent to Pentecost, (VI) D.L.T. 1999

Several of these books and the above conferences are available from Cistercian Publications on their Carthusian Texts and Studies page. They are also obtainable at the Equinox Mountain Skyline Gift shop. Please see the Contacts section.

(Excerpts from the New Carthusian Bibliography, by monks of La grande Chartreuse. In French.)


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