The Carthusian desert in Vermont, U.S.A.


Aerial view of the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration   The Monastery from the Outlook
Aerial view of the Monastery with Lake Madeleine   The monastery from the outlook on the slopes of Mount Equinox
Aerial view of Mount Equinox in the fall   Post-card view of Lake Madeleine and the monastery
Mount Equinox in winter   Aerial view of the monastery
Mount Equinox   TR Looking South West
Mount Equinox from the west, at the wall of the garden of Cell "O".   Looking South West from Cell 7.
Looking South East   Looking South East 2
Looking South East: the forest and the slope of Mount Equinox   Looking South East: the forest and the slope of Mount Equinox: another view
Looking North West   Path way West
Looking North West from cell 7   The road west of the monastery and one window of cell 5
Entrance to the monastery   Entrance to the monastery
The entrance of the monastery, fives miles from the main road into the wilderness   Another view of the gate to the monastery. At the foreground, a concrete statue of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.
Entering the grounds - first the parlor   Cell "O" - Equinox Mountain
Entering the monastery - first the parlor   Cells "O" and "P" and Mount Equinox from outside
Brothers Cloister East   Brothers Cloister South
The Brothers Cloister looking East to the Church and Mount Equinox   The Brothers Cloister - South side
Brother's Cloister - Vegetable Garden   Potato Garden
Brothers' cloister - The vegetable garden   The root vegetable garden south of St Joseph Orchard
The rooves early norning   Solitary cloud
The roofs in the early morning in June.   A Solitary cloud to the South
St Bruno Cloister   near the garden
Saint Bruno Cloister looking west   Path to the garden, west side of the monastery
Fathers Cloister - Cenetery   Fathers Cloister and church
Fathers Cloister and cemetery   Fathers Cloister and Church
Brothers cells from the south   A Father's cell garden
Brothers cells 6, 7 and 8 (ground floor) from the south   The garden of a Father's cell in June
Two brothers' cells   A father's cell
Two brothers' cells   A Father's cell with a tree in its garden
St Joseph Orchard   St Joseph Orchard
St Joseph Orchard in June, looking north   St Joseph Orchard in June, looking North-west
Retreatant and monk leaving for the weekly walk.   The road to the monastery in Winter
Winter view looking south   Looking south from Mount Equinox in winter
The Bell and Mount Equinox on a sunny winter day   Mount Equinox from the monastery on a sunny winter day


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